Terror in Berlin 19th December!!! One Year On Our Politicians Have Learned Nothing…

This Guest post by James Dalton was originally published on UKIP Daily on 24th December 2016. (Captions and pictures added by Ang Ryman). Originally entitled:

“The Truth That Can Not Be Said? He Who Can Not Be Named? Voldemort”

God rest ye merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay, for it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

So here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun. Unfortunately this will be a hard message to swallow at twelve family Christmas celebrations this year following the killings in Berlin’s Christmas Fayre on Monday 19th December. For them, a lifetime of the absence of sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers or fathers awaits. And for those families remembering the absence of their bright young things murdered in Paris before last Christmas, a second salutary Yuletide reminder. It will be the first time also for the families remembering their loved ones who died in Nice on Bastille Day, a first Noel with the empty chair, the unused bed, the silent laugh, the invisible smile. This will be the first Christmas of many and the pain will never go away. A murdered family member is for life, not just for Christmas. Look to the future now, it’s only just begun. More pain building in more hearts each year.

And why?

The truth that cannot be said. He who cannot be named – Voldemort! You would think it fantasy, that a subject is not up for discussion, a name cannot be put on something, that words could be ‘taboo’, yet here we are, not 1984, but at the end of 2016. I can say Voldemort, though a generation or three cannot bring themselves to! More importantly, Donald J Trump can say Voldemort too: or Islamic Extremist Terrorism – there, it wasn’t that hard! Institutional incompetence – that wasn’t too hard either! Do you see how easy it is?

The truth that cannot be said? Say it – the well-being within large numbers of the European population is being undermined by Angela Merkel’s disastrous policies of forced migration. People are dying as a direct result. Political pundits react to the latest murderous carnage with their usual tried and tested, or trying and testing, strategy of vilifying Nigel Farage, avoiding the real world impact of murderous Islamic terrorists and the evil of their deeds. The news broadcasters focus on shooting the messengers. In the UK that usually means Nigel Farage.

On 19th December, the fake news ‘hyped’ up by the media regarding the US Electoral College vote was shown for what it was – fake news – and Donald Trump was elected by 304 Electoral College votes to become the new POTUS.

On 19th December, an Al-Nusra affiliated Islamic killer assassinated the Russian Ambassador to Turkey. Allahu Akbar, Vlad!

On 19th December, Christine Lagarde of the IMF walked free from court following a guilty verdict in her negligence case, smiling for cameras on her way straight back to her job (did you notice?).

On 19th December, 12 were killed and 48 injured in Berlin by a terrorist using a heavy goods vehicle and thousands of lives were permanently scarred, some physically, many mentally.

Following 19th December there are many issues to resolve and reflect upon, many discussions that need to be had. So what better, more proactive response could there be from our purveyors of news than to stigmatise the very man who has been proved right, correct that is, time and time again and who predicted the many events that are coming to pass? Yes, shoot the messenger, but don’t just shoot him, poison him too.

The mechanism for this poison is of course, the Jo Cox murder. Mrs Cox’s husband saw fit to involve himself with Nigel Farage in the wake of the Berlin murders via his usual mode of political interference – Twitter. This Alinskyite seed, instigated by Mr Cox, was watered by willing helpers and germinated by the usual mainstream media suspects. In an interview on LBC on Tuesday morning (20th December) the radio host uses the seed (a tweet from Brendan Cox) to set Nigel Farage up. Instead of honest discussion about the events in Berlin, why they are happening and what can be done about them, a whole new thread of fake news is germinated by Mr Cox and helped to flourish by his fellow political activist travelers of Hope not Hate and a compliant, complicit media class. Shoot the messenger and sully his name!

Professional RaceHustler and Islamist propagandist and funder, Brendan Cox – Cold. Always has something to say after an Islamic Terrorist Attack.

When Sharia law was executed in Paris on the 7th January 2015 at ‘Charlie Hebdo’, a cowardly media class crumbled to Islam. Gutlessness is a word to describe the reaction of Newspapers and TV channels as blasphemers, and Jews were slaughtered for having the temerity to be blasphemers and Jews, and appeasement is another. When jihad was waged on the people of Paris on 14th November 2015 at a Rock Club, the tea-lights came out, the Facebook banners were adorned and we were all ‘Paris’ this time, not ‘Charlie’, and we could all just imagine a better world with more street pianos. Brussels is blown up and the black yellow and red light show is rotated on the Eiffel tower – we’re with you, Brussels!

What we saw from the political pundit class (there are notable brave exceptions, not listed) was an expression of their backlashophobia. Each time murderous outrages are perpetrated on the streets of Europe, immediate concern, focus, fear and panic sets in about the backlash that never materialises in any European society. It is Islamophobiaphobia: the fear of Islamophobia. It is cowardice in the media class, a dangerous social ailment indeed.

Over the next few days, I don’t expect any consideration by the BBC or the Guardian for the family of Lukasz Urban, who was a Polish truck driver and who will not be sitting with them this Christmas, or next. Not when their favourite Bake Off winner has be rudely treated on the London Transport System, or when their favourite widower has been undertaking his political activism online, using the death of his wife as a tool to stigmatise an honourable politician.

On 7th January 2017, the pain of their loss two years previously in Paris will burn a little hotter in the hearts of those affected, such as the family of Philippe Barham whose body now rests in Israel, but the media will not rest – Farage the racist, the fascist, Trump the new demagogue, Le Pen and Wilders, the ‘far right’, Europe and the world are under threat. And no doubt Putin will be orchestrating proceedings. Somehow.

But back in the real world, we are living the threat and the real threat is the incumbent political classes which have brought the people of Europe to a fearful, trapped, angry, ill at ease point. To a point where nativity scenes are removed from schools and churches, Christmas gatherings cancelled, Christmas trees destroyed, a nativity play invaded by a Koran reciting islamist, and of course a seasonal helping of murder by HGV, Allahu Akbar!

However much Brendan Cox interferes and uses and abuses his wife’s death, however many times Geert Wilders is arrested for using words, however many times Nigel Farage is shown by events to be correct, the truth will come out as there will be those who continue to speak it. The policies of free movement of people, the policies of the EU, the policies of authoritarian social engineers in Germany, France, the UK and the EU institutions have brought death, rape and fear to the peoples of Europe. Farage is right and Wilders is right: Merkel is complicit in the deaths of so many and the molestation of so many more.

But there is always hope. Hope of a political solution. Hope of a positive outcome. That hope needs more messengers, more Nigel Farages, more Geert Wilders.  More people who will state the truth.

Look to the future now, it’s only just begun!

On the 20th January 2017, Donald J Trump will begin his term as President of the US. He is charged with ‘Draining The Swamp’. Those of you who have been paying attention will know: he has already started. What we see from our mainstream media currently, and the evident detachment of the incumbent political class in general, is the panic of those who are fearful for their money source, their future careers of entitlement in the immorality of state sponsored global social engineering. The truths about the failure of a political ideology that they have supported and cultivated for decades, their real world social experiment that has not protected national borders, that has obstructed conservation  of self-controlled and self-responsible societies: it is a failure encapsulated in the bloodstained theatre in Paris, the gut decorated tarmac of Berlin and Nice and the increasing proliferation of empty chairs at the Christmas tables of European families.

People must use their Freedom of Expression and not allow Government or Religion to restrict it. Use it, or lose it.

The truth that cannot be said? Islam is not compatible with civil liberal Western society. Islam is not compatible with freedom. We need to talk about civil solutions, but that cannot happen until the source of the problem itself is recognised and accepted for what it is.

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