Clinton Crimes – The Silence is Deafening. Part 4.

….Or What the Mainstream Media is Neglecting to Report.

This guest article by James Dalton was originally published on Going Postal on the 19th of December 2017.

 Contextual Interlude – False News

 In Part 1 the manner in which the mainstream media (MSM) misreport and avoid reporting the news was highlighted surrounding the events of the indictment of Paul Manafort in October, which for 48 Hrs was the smoking gun for the indictment of Trump. The MSM have since gone silent on Manafort, deadly silent and silent on Tony Podesta whose lobbying firm is reported to be being wound down in the fallout from the Manafort indictment. Little in the way of ‘follow up’ from CNN, ABC, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo or the BBC. More on this is explained here. Also highlighted was the fascination of the MSM with ‘knee-touching’ and other aspects of toxic masculinity, but a few weeks have now passed, and the #MeToo hashtag has taken the minds of the public away from the documented sexual assault and paedophilia news stories associated with big names – big ‘Liberal’ names such as Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, John Conyers, Al Franken and a whole string of Democrat and Hollywood associated sex pests.

I’m not sure if any MSM outlet in the UK has run with the story from Washington DC that $17m of US taxpayers’ money has been used to settle sexual misconduct cases relating to Representatives in the Senate and in Congress, approximately 260 of them. Not only that, the public cannot see who they are paying to protect from the disinfectant of openness and truth.  US voters will have gone to the polling stations over the preceding two decades and voted for a representative who has committed illegal acts that the voter herself, through her taxes, has paid to have hidden from her own eyes. Accountability in governance? The US taxpayer is paying to avoid accountability!

If you want to see how the corrupt MSM have lost sight of right and wrong in the way in which they report, this article about the Democrat Al Franken demonstrates it so well.

The accusations and admissions about sexual assault committed by the usual snowflakes’ friends in politics and entertainment has become an avalanche. So the News narrative has moved on – to Jerusalem, to Trump tweets, to the ‘plight’ of Palestinians and the go to favourite – Grenfell ‘survivors’.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton and the criminality exposed by revelations, some now more than a year old, continues to fly under the radar of the MSM in the UK.

In Part 2 the criminality associated with the illegal handling and storage of confidential data was described, along with the actions of certain people in the FBI, the Obama administration and the DoJ.

In Part 3 the news narrative associating Russia with US politics was discussed and information now on the record relating to Hillary Clinton, GPS fusion, Christopher Steel, the DNC, Peter Strzok, James Comey and Mike Flynn was introduced. Again for approximately 48Hrs we saw from the MSM salivate at the ‘new’ smoking gun that would lead to a Trump impeachment, followed by deadly silence when the penny dropped that still not one iota of evidence had been found of so called collusion between Trump and Russia.

clinton crimes 4
The Lengthening Lineup of Suspects: James Comey, Hillary Clinton, Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr and Nellie Ohr

Since Part 3 was written, there has been even more fakenews disseminated by major MSM players. As discussed in Part 3, ABC News had run with a story (untruthful) suggesting the President had broken the law. This led to full retractions, a suspension (not sacking) of the ‘journalist’ involved (Brian Ross) as well as a fall in the stock market. You would have thought that the MSM would be learning – get your facts straight ensure the authenticity and reliability of your sources. But no. Within a week we have another quite remarkable piece of fakenews pushed out regarding ‘Russia’ and the Trump administration. This time it was CNN and you can learn about it here.

In eight years of an Obama Presidency, no MSM outlet, especially in the UK, had to retract a false story about the President. It is hard to recall any negative or critical press relating to Barack Obama when he was the US President – even though his qualifications to stand for the Presidency are still to this day disputed and that the White House published a fake birth certificate for Obama doing nothing to dispel the ongoing ‘birther’ controversy.  The negative stories relating to President Trump are incessant and those demonstrably false are racking up. Any independent observer, without even delving into the detail, cannot fail to perceive the complete change in the tone of commentary and discourse relating to the President of the USA. Journalists and broadcasters love and admire Obama and Clinton. The reporting on these two individuals was, and remains sycophantic.

The hatred and contempt for Trump that the MSM wish to engender in the minds of their readers and viewers is not hidden.  Their respect for the determinations of the voting public, as we see with the opposition to Leaving the EU, is becoming glaringly obvious to more and more people each and every day.

Christopher A Wray is the new Director of the FBI. The alleged impartiality of the Mueller Investigation has been exposed as a sham through revelations about Peter Strzok, the ‘Russian Dossier’ and now the actions of Bruce Ohr and his wife in association with Fusion GPS.  The FBI is suffering reputational damage. There is a Constitutional crisis in the USA and the activities of the Democrats, Clintons and their ‘friends’ in the MSM, DoJ, FBI and CIA make the famous Watergate scandal look like a minor misdemeanour. Other than the much maligned Fox News which does not hide its pro-Trump bias, the silence from the usual MSM outlets about Clintons’ crimes continues to deafen…

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