Clinton Crimes – The Silence is Deafening. Part 3.

….Or What the Mainstream Media is Neglecting to Report.

This guest article by James Dalton was originally published on Going Postal on the 9th of December 2017.

It’s the Russians…..

It’s the Russians! Yes, all roads lead to Russia it appears, especially when it comes to the results of elections in the West that don’t go the way of the established Establishment wisdom. Russian interference, Russian hacking, Russian Bots, Russian collusion, the Russian dossier. It’s so exciting – like being back in ‘Cold War’ times!

When it comes to Hillary Clinton, there is a Russia connection, or rather, there are many. Before the election of Donald Trump, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had taken the moral high ground with respect to respecting the outcome of the election and condemned Trump’s claims that the election was rigged through fraudulent voting. Hillary’s protestations and that of the media changed after the election. After the 8th of November 2016, both Obama and Clinton in a shameless volte face determined that the election had been rigged after all and the result should be questioned. What’s more, it was the Russians that had done it!

Oh what a tangled web is woven,
By deceitful demons, who,
To duty, honour and truth
Are not behoven.  

How can the web be unpicked? We can try:

Let us start with the ‘Russian collusion’ angle. Collusion is a vague term, which is of course a very useful thing when one is in the business of casting aspersions, and the casting of aspersions regarding Donald Trump and ‘Russians’ has been the big game in MSMworld for the preceding 12 months and even longer. It became the game of choice once the ‘sex abuser’ angle wore thin and once the ‘white supremacist’ angle had garnered no traction. For the political anoraks really paying attention, the ‘Russian collusion’ angle had been in the mix for some time. Former drug abuser and Conservative MP Louise Mensch was one such individual whose behaviour leading up to the eventual election of Donald Trump had all the hallmarks of (i) a mental breakdown or (ii) a full time employee tasked to spread gossip from ‘sources’ relating Trump to nefarious Russian interests. But since the election, the Russia Collusion angle has become a widespread major source of excitement.

So what substance is there in this story? To evaluate this, events over the first days of December 2017 have helped to shine a light on matters courtesy of the ‘General Mike Flynn Affair’. The information that has come to light following the indictment of and subsequent guilty plea from Flynn as a result of the Mueller Investigation, tell us the following:

  • Flynn lied to the FBI concerning the nature of conversations between himself and representatives of the Russian Government.
  • Flynn lied to the VP-Elect Mike Pence concerning the nature of conversations between himself and representatives of the Russian Government.

For the first lie, Flynn pleaded guilty to the crime of lying to an FBI investigator. For the second lie, Flynn had been ‘fired’ by the President’s administration after 24 days in office back in February 2017. As President Donald Trump advised, Mike Flynn had been undertaking lawful activities to instruction as his part of his duties for the Trump transition team during December of 2016. [It should be noted that between the election of a President in November and the inauguration of a new President the following January, the team assembled by the new President will undertake work with government departments and foreign diplomats, to facilitate a smooth transfer of authority from one president’s team and the next – this is how a mature government of the people operates.]

There is no story here with respect to ‘Russian Collusion’ with Trump. The Pavlovian reflex action of a corrupted media led to the suspension of ABC’s Brian Ross following his misreporting of the Flynn case which had repercussions on the stock exchange. There was also a bizarre reaction to that fake news lie by a TV presenter Joy Behar  exhibiting the phenomenon of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

So what does all this mean? What is collusion? What is the investigation into Russian interference all about and how did it start?

To untangle the web further, one needs to understand a little bit about the following:

  • The ‘Russian dossier’, what it was and who paid for it.
  • What did Mike Flynn talk to the Russians about?
  • Which FBI agents on the Russia Investigation team did what, and when?
  • The Sanctions pushed by President Obama against Russia following Hillary Clinton’s loss, including the expulsion of diplomats, and his issue of Executive Orders based on what has now turned out to be fabricated ‘fake news’.

The Russian Dossier. Everybody eventually heard about the Russian dossier, or at least some of its now proven ‘fake’ contents. The lurid details designed to associate Trump with unseemly behaviour with ‘professional women’ in a Moscow hotel room once used by President Obama were eventually released to the public by news outlet ‘Buzzfeed’.  The story had but one purpose – to engender an emotional response of disgust in the minds of the public towards Donald Trump days before his inauguration. As Buzzfeed confess in their article, the contents of this report were common knowledge “…among elected officials, intelligence agents, and journalists for weeks.” Of course the reason nobody had published the common knowledge, was that it was commonly known that the ‘Russian dossier’ was merely a listing of unfounded and unsubstantiated assertions.

Understanding who paid for this document and how it became an FBI document in the first place and why, are critical questions.  Hillary Clinton’s team paid for the ‘Russian dossier’ as reported in the Washington Post. In layman’s terms, Clinton and the DNC hired a firm (GPS Fusion) to hire a British agent (Christopher Steele) to pay Russian ‘agents’ to produce documents to be used against Trump in the election campaign – and the media were complicit in the lie and the dissemination of those lies intended to damage Trump’s reputation and assist Clinton’s campaign. Or in another layman’s terms: Clinton, facilitated by the media, colluded with Russians to undermine the Presidential election. But the investigation is still focused on Donald Trump. Or so the mainstream media continue to tell their shrinking audiences.

The revelations in recent days of the activities of a particular Peter Strzok have untangled a few more strands of this web. Who? Peter Strzok – no I’d never heard of him either, until he became famous for being at the heart of the ‘Russia collusion’ story, at the heart of the FBI and at the heart of this particular #fakenews web. In Clinton Crimes Part 2 James Comey’s ‘exoneration’ of Hillary Clinton in July 2016 was described. We now learn that while Comey had found Clinton’s handling of confidential information as “grossly negligent” in his draft report, at the intervention of Peter Strzok, No. 2 with FBI counter-intelligence, Comey’s draft term “grossly negligent” was replaced by Strzok with “extremely careless”. The nuanced difference is what makes lawyers salivate. “Grossly negligent” is a felony and Clinton would have had to be indicted four months before the Presidential election. “Extremely careless” is what makes lawyers money and enough for James Comey to feel confident enough to publicly ‘exonerate’ Clinton. Peter Strzok as No. 2 in counter-intelligence also signed off on the commencement of the investigation into Trump and Russia in the first place. He also introduced the ‘Russian Dossier’ into the investigation and has now been ‘removed’ for, amongst other things engaging in anti-Trump messaging. Strzok was also involved in the investigation of Anthony Weiner (high ranking Democrat and recently imprisoned child sex offender, estranged husband of Hillary Clinton’s ‘confidante’ Huma Abedin), whose computer contents included copies of confidential emails which were the subject of Part 2. CNN’s presenter, through gritted teeth, reported this evolving story, as even they, at last, start to report on some of the available facts regarding this tip of the iceberg of the Clinton Crimes.

As for Mike Flynn, I will summarise my take on his actions. The atmosphere in world politics, the media and international relations was unstable after the election of Donald Trump. There was much talk (as ever from Obama, the EU, May, Merkel, Clinton and the mainstream media) about an unstable President, impeachment, Russian interference and potential WWIII. NATO operations in the Balkan states and Russian aircraft sorties were making the news, giving the public the prospect of ‘trouble’ with the Russians. And all this talk was based on bought and paid for lies, bought and paid for by the DNC under the control of Hillary Clinton. President Obama, in his last embarrassing days in office, was putting fuel on this hyperbolic fire, supported by the usual globalist suspects in politics and the media.

My hunch, for what it’s worth, is that Flynn’s job was to tell the Russians – “Keep your cool, try not to let Obama prompt too big a reaction, because he won’t be there to stir up trouble in a few weeks”. It worked. Obama is gone, Clinton is finished – I suspect soon to be indicted, Trump is President, Syria is stabilising and there hasn’t been talk of WWIII for some time following Trump’s initial contact with the leaders of Japan, China and Russia (amongst others).

The story of Clinton Crimes develops daily. Hillary Clinton’s political career finished in October 2017 when the revelations of Donna Brazile were publicised. As Clinton’s erstwhile funders wake up to the fact that the Clinton political era is over, the funding will dry up and the reasons to continue protecting her from facing up to her crimes in a court of law will recede.

A week after our own so called leader Theresa May foolishly and embarrassingly put further barriers between herself and the ‘Leader of the Free World’, the evidence is finally emerging that those who are suffering from ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ were wrong. They have misjudged both President Trump and Hillary Clinton. From the perspective of an Englishman, it is the duty of our Prime minister to foster the best of relations with the POTUS, for the benefit of all in the UK and in the USA.  Shame on Theresa May for her lack of judgement and her failure to do this. History will not read kindly for Theresa May. The UK needs a new champion to build bridges with the much maligned and disgracefully misjudged President Donald J Trump.

The Clinton Crimes are numerous. There’ll be more crimes to discuss next time in Part 4, with more Russians and US State Departments and Uranium deposits and tens of millions of dollars received by a Foundation – well every ‘world leader’ needs a ‘Foundation’, don’t they?

©James Dalton

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