Trump Derangement Syndrome

TDSA new widespread phenomenon, a disease affecting the mind, an illness of the psyche has infected many people in the public eye. The condition can be referred to descriptively as ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’. There are many commentators who have noted evidence of this condition on both sides of the Atlantic.

So what is it? Who has it? How can it be recognised? Is it catching? Is it virulent? Should we be worried?

Firstly, it would be useful to describe what ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ [TDS] is. I offer my description:

WHAT? A psychological condition brought about by an unbreakable belief that President Donald J Trump is a clear and present danger to humanity, a racist, a fascist and a sex offender. Believers, sufferers, view all words and actions from President Trump through the lens of this self-defined and demonstrably false reality, needing to utilise advanced mental gymnastics in a continually failing attempt to maintain ‘sense’ of the political world as it manifests itself daily.

Similar psychological phenomena have been witnessed recently – notably after the 2016 Referendum since which Brexit Derangement Syndrome [BDS] has affected a vociferous and vocal minority who remain incapable of accepting the outcome of the UK’s democratic process to resolve a long standing issue of utmost national importance. BDS sufferers are also psychologically wed to an unbreakable belief – that the UK will be literally incapable of functioning without the direction of unelected omnipotent benefactors from foreign climes who are clearly better placed to determine the future direction of the UK than its indigenous peoples.

On this side of the pond, those engaged in the politics of the world fall typically into three categories:

  1. Those who have both TDS and BDS.
  2. Those who have TDS but not BDS.
  3. Those who have neither TDS nor BDS.

I have yet to encounter someone who has BDS but not TDS. I am thankfully free from these ailments. I know I don’t have BDS because I campaigned and voted for the UK to leave the EU, to return what should never have been treasonously given away – the sole right of the UK people to determine the Laws and the future of the UK.  I know that I don’t have TDS because I have listened to what President Trump actually says in context, understand that he has many enemies in politics and in the press and as a result of this I see the manner in which he communicates with the public ignoring the filter of the traditional News broadcasters.  That and I can see that after eleven months of President Trump, there are no gulags and the press remain free to lie, smear, undermine and misreport the daily activities of the POTUS.

WHO has it? Virtually every UK broadcaster and politician has Trump Derangement Syndrome and nearly a year after his election, President Trump can trigger an episode in the minds of most so called ‘journalists’ and ‘representatives’ in the UK with a simple sentence or two (containing fewer than 240 characters) or even just the touch of his finger on an iPhone which says ‘Retweet’. Analysis suggests that TDS incubates in schools and universities where many sufferers with extreme cases are employed, apparently to ensure that their charges are conditioned to become vulnerable to infection. [Data demonstrates BDS is particularly virulent in British schools and universities where the teaching of science and logic was abandoned some years ago in favour of postmodernism, statism, cultural relativism and state dependency. It is estimated that only one in ten University staff are free from infection!]

HOW can it be recognised? Case Study: Wednesday 29th of November 2017.

In the world of the rational Trump observer – those unaffected, uninfected by TDS, President Trump hit the ‘Retweet’ button in the morning, including three tweets containing acts of violence and vandalism: a video of a young man with crutches being violently assaulted; a video of a Muslim smashing a statue of the virgin Mary and declaring Islamic supremacy and a video (one of many) depicting Islamists engaged in the murderous barbaric pastime of throwing people from roofs. As observers of US politics know, President Trump is partial to communicating with the world through the medium of Twitter. Later that day he delivered a fantastic speech discussing tax reform, jobs, the economy, growth, pay, employment and business.  More of the public would be aware of Trump’s tax reform plans if only journalists were interested in reporting such mundane foundational political matters. During the White House Press Conference that day, the press officer Sarah Sanders opened the briefing with a talk encouraging charity, philanthropy and giving. Reaffirming the fact that President Trump donates his salary to charitable causes on a quarterly basis, Sanders introduced a representative of the charity in receipt of the President’s  recent quarterly salary – an organisation involved in assisting those with opiate addiction problems, a pandemic under-reported by the Mainstream News outlets.  Before President Trump went to bed, presumably reacting to what had happened during the day following his morning retweets, those in the real world noted the President’s sensible tweet giving some friendly and needed advice to Theresa May, First Lord of the Treasury.

Meanwhile in the world of those suffering from TDS, the day unfolded differently. The electronic consequences of the President retweeting and the pictures and words viewed by TDS sufferers through their personal information screens manifested a mass psychological event – a ‘Triggering’. For the President, to those who suffer, is a clear and present danger to the world and his act of placing his finger on a particular part of his phone screen was such a significant act of horror that politics and news reporting stopped and became focused on one thing – President Trump, the fascist, misogynist, xenophobic, racist who somehow has evaded impeachment whilst literally turning into Hitler in front of our very eyes, has retweeted an English woman and Deputy Leader of Britain First, Jayda Fransen!

Those not suffering from TDS are not shocked anymore and observe the symptoms as they present themselves….

Jayda Fransen is a leader of an organisation called Britain First. I am unaware of the detail of their politics (if they have any) relating to: economics; control of the means of production; whether the NHS should be privatised; whether they believe in grammar schools etc., but they are definitely nationalists (nothing wrong with that) and they do work to highlight specifically the dangers of Islamisation and the criminal behaviours which are statistically glaring relating to crimes committed by Muslims. Particularly relating to crimes which the authorities have been shown to turn a blind eye to on the grounds that the perpetrators were Muslims. Of course this makes them ‘Far Right’, ‘Racists’ and ‘Extremists’. It makes Jayda Fransen exactly what is required by a failing political Establishment – a Far Right* Extremist scapegoat, a Boogeyman (or in this case Boogeywoman): another literal Hitler. Britain First produce much video content and for those who wish to ponder on where they lie on the ‘Left Right Spectrum’ they can review their videos and make up their own minds (it’s what rational people in a Democracy do – think for themselves). They can do so until the British government complete their introduction of blasphemy laws and start to imprison those who represent a danger to the established political incumbents and censor the people’s new methods of mass communication.

The press, politicians, pundits and celebrities were bloodying their fingers tweeting and re-tweeting their disgust at the actions of President Trump, their horror at the ‘legitimisation’ of ‘Far Right’ extremists. Journalists’ keyboards will need new ‘F’ ‘A’ ‘R’ ‘I’ ‘G’ ‘H’ and ‘T’ keys with the vigour and frequency that the ‘Far Right’ label was being stuck to Adolf Trump and Jayda Fransen. The Archatheist of Canterbury was on the case too, clearly horrified by the terror of Trump’s actions and an emergency session of Parliament was held to debate the world threatening situation that had occurred – The President had literally retweeted a tweet!

Back in the real world, the sane were scratching their heads as they are fully aware of the shocking crimes against the persons being committed by Muslims who have been brought into European countries without the expressed will of their indigenous populations. The contents of the tweets had no direct evidential relationship with Jayda Fransen, President Trump or any other human being who had viewed or distributed the information, but sufferers of TDS are incapable of empathising with victims of criminality perpetrated by Muslims, for fear of being shunned by other sufferers with vitriolic accusations of being, yes you’ve guessed it, ‘racist’, ‘hater’, ‘islamophobe’, ‘Far Right’. No doubt, sufferers of TDS will continue to find it difficult to become well or be cured whilst they maintain the exclusive company of fellow sufferers.

If I were the boy on crutches, I would be wondering why press and politicians cared nothing for me, but cared about my assaulter’s specific identity, religious conviction and status of nationality. If I were a Christian in the Levant, I would ponder why the thousands of murdered Christian bodies silent in their Middle Eastern graves don’t engender a twitch from a journalist’s pen, a question from a politician’s lips or protestation from the Archatheist of Canterbury, yet criticism of a Muslim destroying a Christian statue result in frothing defences of Islam and Muslims, and in further damage to the ‘F’ ‘A’ ‘R’ ‘I’ ‘G’ ‘H’ and ‘T’ keys on the usual ‘journalist’ suspects’ keyboards.

If I were the young man thrown off the top of the roof by Islamists following their instruction manual – the Koran, I’d say nothing, because I’d be dead.

Trump Derangement Syndrome separates the sufferer from an understanding of right and wrong. They are incapable of seeing reality anymore, for to do so would require them to doubt the underlying belief that defines the world which they inhabit. Trump is evil, Britain First is Far Right, and so there is no necessity to address the content of the message – simply shoot the messenger. Someone who criticises the barbaric actions of those following a religious ideology is worse than a murderer or a rapist by virtue of engaging in their previously inalienable right to speak their thoughts.

By the end of his day, a day spent doing constructive work, the President tweeted to Theresa May that she had her own job to do in relation to Islamic terrorism in the UK (he’s right – and things are worsening under her watch), and that she shouldn’t trouble herself with what he had to do in his job and the UK Establishment had publicised their collective insanity. TDS is most definitely dangerous.  TDS had controlled and consumed many into unreal and worrying protestations on the 29th of November 2017. When MPs believe that any person should be denied their liberty and imprisoned for sharing information relating to real world events, this should concern every civil human being and we in Britain need to sit up and take note. Ian Murray, Labour MP for Edinburgh South and Chris Bryant, Labour MP for Rhondda suffer particularly badly as Hansard, YouTube and Twitter can testify – they literally want people they disagree with to be arrested and subjected to state punishment.

In the UK, TDS is catching and it is virulent. The whole of the Establishment, save a quiet few, are presenting varying extremes of the symptoms.

There are those who are naturally resistant to the ailment, who maintain their sanity and continue to uphold the foundational values of Western civilisation including freedom of expression. The good news is: TDS is treatable, simply treatable. The treatment?  Most TDS sufferers do not want treatment – they thrive on conformity, divisiveness, poverty, misery and pessimism and they need their own Armageddon fantasies to feed into their natural world view whether it be WWIII, Global warming or Trump induced nuclear holocaust. There are those who may wish to cure themselves and are in possession of the two necessary ingredients to pursue a road to good health: humility and doubt.  How these people can use those tools to cure themselves, well that’s for another day, meanwhile watch out for the symptoms of TDS and confront, challenge and denounce the rabid authoritarian drivel that ensues from the sufferers’ mouths.

©Ang Ryman

[*Author note: It has not possible to obtain from a News provider or academic any definition of the term ‘Far Right’. Despite the term’s frequent use in public discourse, its actual meaning remains elusive. Should any reader be able to shine a light on the author’s failure in this search and provide reference to a definition, he would be most grateful to receive a referenced source.]

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