Socialism is Evil. It’s Official.

The following article was originally published, (with pictures!) on Going Postal on 20th September 2017.

Socialism is Evil. It’s Official.

A rag-tag army are we. For we who wish to live free and take responsibility for our own destiny do not naturally seek solace in group support or act with a mob by default. It is not in our nature to do this, for it is not how we see the world. Rag-tag individuals who don’t like being told what to do, recoil from orders in preference for making their own choices. Rag-tag individuals who never, never, never shall be slaves.

Socialists have the advantage of numbers, the many who seek solace and are used by the few. Socialists have the advantage of activists. Activist teachers recruiting in schools, activist professors recruiting in universities and activist bureaucrats recruiting through the expanding welfare state. All of course funded and facilitated by the rag-tag army. At last, on the world stage a voice for that growing rag-tag mass who are awakening to the almost invisible corporatist, globalist chains that restrain them. For the rag-tag army is the hard working people who get up in a morning, go and earn their crust and take responsibility for their families and those close to them.

That voice is Donald Trump and the voice was heard on the 19th of September 2017 when he spoke of Socialism and Venezuela during his address to the United Nations representatives assembled at their New York headquarters. In highlighting the disastrous state of the Venezuelan economy Donald Trump expressed to the world what is suppressed in the schools and universities. That Socialism is an evil ideology.

Venezuela is the current real world example in the continuing governmental experiments of the 20th and 21st centuries. Socialism fails, communism fails, fascism fails, Islamism fails. Whatever the particular ideology, enforced collectivism fails and 20th/21st Century history shows this. The 20th Century gave the world the most significant advancements in the human condition where the population of the world exploded almost fourfold in 100 years. But wherever people have fallen under the spell of idealistic collectivist fantasies, they have come to regret it for the poverty insecurity and violence that inevitably follows. Our scientific strides forward and the ensuing abilities that humankind has to shape the world have not been matched by attention to advancements in Governance. Evidently, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the very definition of insanity. The failures of collectivist regimes in Russia, Germany, Italy, Vietnam, North Korea, China to name a few, are not taught to our young as examples of how not to govern. The sweet sounds of the socialist message, the kindness, empathy, love and humanity, the neighbourliness and charity, like the warm wave of tranquility to the heroin addict, attract the masses generation after generation. The Socialist Pied Pipers don’t want the truth to out. Careers, power and money depend on the truth being clouded, hidden and buried.

The voice is Donald Trump and he’s saying what the teachers should be explaining. He is digging up truths, exposing them, providing clarity. Socialism was ill-conceived. It didn’t and doesn’t work. Before it was tried, it would be disingenuous to proclaim Socialism to be evil. It has though, it has been tried and tried and tried again. Today Socialism can be proclaimed as evil, for those that promote it, those who profit from it do so with the history of a century of death, failure and horror. The body count runs into hundreds of millions. “Socialism in Venezuela has brought a once thriving nation to the brink of total collapse.” Thank you Donald Trump, as this message is not one provided by Owen Jones or Diane Abbott, not by George Galloway all erstwhile defenders and promoters of the once Chavez, now Maduro Venezuelan Socialist regime. Nor such lesson provided by the professors in our universities, whose morality has been gelded by post modernist thought, political correctness and the soullessness of cultural relativism. The misery of Socialism is being played out today and will do so tomorrow in Venezuela and the play is a tragedy of famine, crime, disease, poverty and death. Meanwhile, the professional 1st world Socialists don’t care about such human suffering or trouble themselves to amend their petrified view.

In the UK the Pied Piper Jeremy Corbyn and his comrades – McDonnell, Abbott and Jones, the revolutionaries of the modern British Socialist movement, continue to recruit and build Momentum. They continue to fill the ears of the masses with promises of nirvana once the few, the oppressors, have been defeated and the many, the righteous, have succeeded in their insurrection. And the complicit silence and wilful ignorance of the teachers in schools and universities facilitate this evil by avoiding teaching to the young the facts of the 20th century.

Thank you Donald Trump for pointing out this obvious lesson, a lesson that should be shouted from rooftops around the world until the teachers and professors hear it and allow the rag-tag army to refocus on their free lives. “The problem with Venezuela is not that Socialism has been poorly implemented, but that Socialism has been faithfully implemented.” Many faithful Socialists in the United Nations building winced at these words. Truth hurts. There is a rag-tag army of liberty lovers and ordinary hard working people who appreciate that for the first time in a long time there is a voice on the world stage who is prepared to speak truth in the face of Communist, Socialist, Islamic and fascist collectivist enemies and on behalf of freedom, security and prosperity.

It’s the truth. It’s official.  Socialism is evil. History teaches us this.

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