Representative Democracy is a Lie.

Based on an article first published on Going Postal on the 29th September 2017.

Big Whoppers and Betrayal. September’s May.

So many lies. Politics: a game of lies and obfuscation. Mrs May has form. “…tens of thousands…” – As Home Secretary she lied about net immigration numbers, convincing many.

Theresa May’s acting prowess is failing her though. The delivery of her lies in the UN speech given on 20th September 2017 lacked conviction. “….. The same is true with terrorism, where again the challenges we face today are vastly different from those of previous eras. When terrorists struck London and Manchester this year, the world saw our cities come together in defiance. Our parliament carries on. Ariana Grande came back to Manchester and sang again. London Bridge is bustling with people. Our communities came together at the Finsbury Park mosque in North London. And Londoners got back on the Tube. The terrorists did not win, for we will never let anyone destroy our way of life…..”  A whopper. A big whopper. The world saw a country reaping the harvest sown by its governing class in deserting its responsibility to control immigration and the nation’s borders. What defiance Mrs May? Are tea lights, songs and holding hands now regarded as ‘defiance’? It’s happened again. And again and again. How quickly are the dead of the Manchester bombing forgotten? Down the memory plughole, like those killed in London.

Two days later, another terrorist attack at Parson’s Green, this time involving a Muslim migrant who had passed through Calais as part of the Dubs scheme and housed with foster parents in Greater London. The terrorist’s bomb thankfully failed to detonate. Theresa May lied about the effects that Islamic terrorism has had on the country. Our lives are measurably affected as we see when we travel by air; when we watch the television; listen to the radio; hear the Friday call to prayer; read and hear of Islamic terrorism or criminality and when we see our elected representatives facilitating access to our country for people who will do us harm. Yes Mrs May shies away from the truth in favour of big whoppers. Life has very much been affected in the UK, and for some, terminally so.

In contrast to President Trumps promotion of nation states and his encouragement of leaders to focus on the needs of their people, Mrs May’s address to the UN was the cowardly whining of an insignificant globalist obfuscator. If what Mrs May personified in her vacuous, limp, unconvincing United Nations speech wasn’t bad enough, the lies of Wednesday turned to betrayal on Friday 22nd September in Florence. Mrs May showed her hand to the EU in her Brexit backslide. Mrs May was backed by sycophantic backbench vote fodder on social media – a prepared unit of Conservative MPs punctuated Mrs May’s speech with gushing praise on Twitter. The tweets engendered a response from the viewing public, one of anger. The speech could not mask a betrayal. A betrayal most rancid for it was of the British people.  The expressions of globalist, corporatist loyalty were clear. Mrs May has no intention of representing the interests and instructions of the British people. The talk of transition periods; of Dane geld payments; of the rights of non-Britons but not of Britons; of continuing non-control of immigration; of defence alliances outside NATO and of a continuing relationship with the EU beyond the March 2019 expiry of the Article 50 two year period. All these things are at odds with the instructions of the British people, for the loyalties of Mrs May, First Lord of the Treasury were shown through her words to rest with other parties, parties who she is not obligated to represent.

Representative democracy is the real lie exposed in the words of Theresa May last week. A field littered with misnomers, politics has become septic and rotten, save for a noble few and ‘Representative Democracy’ is another of those misnomers. There was nothing representative about Mrs May’s words or actions. There is nothing democratic about ignoring the results of a decision made by the people through a clear democratic process. Not since she came to Government in 2010 has she shown respect for truth or openness, nor has she shown interest in representing the needs of the British people. From reducing immigration to tens of thousands, to showing her globalist allegiances and contempt for the British people in her Florence address, Theresa May has proved useless at truthfulness and representation. Adult discussion of the incoherent approach to public finances, housing policy, energy policy, NHS reform, schools provision or to our military don’t even figure in the public space anymore, space occupied by transsexual rights or other identity based manufactured distractions. On 23rd June 2016 the people’s will was measured. People wanted to take back control of their Laws and borders and they voted to leave the EU. The Establishment, headed by Theresa May do not want to let them.

The people can see the failure of representative democracy and this is reflected in the anger and disdain that most politicians attract. The will of the people needs to be measured and heeded and serious minds need to return to politics, minds that can focus on the real problems facing the UK and ones which can see the great opportunities for an Independent UK outside the EU.

To measure the people’s will and represent it is within the capacity of an organised, motivated and well-funded organisation.  Recent advancements in telecommunications technology give opportunity to forward thinking political movements to engage and involve greater numbers of people. Forms of direct democracy will be the future in politics.

Embracing direct democracy, restrained by a responsible, generationally sustainable ethical constitution is the key to providing an engaging and responsive political alternative to the corrupted establishment parties of the LibLabCon. Will a party provide this, and could this approach be the mechanism to cause the political earthquake of which Nigel Farage spoke?


One thought on “Representative Democracy is a Lie.

  1. Looking back to the time immediately before the Referendum, before May’s arrival at No.10 was even thought of, one is struck by how little was done by Cameron & Osborne to prepare for the event of a Leave vote, despite Cameron’s assurance that, whatever the result, Remain or Leave, he would stay at the helm to steer Britain to whatever the voters decided.
    Then jump to that fateful Friday morning when Cameron, flanked by his wife who was struggling to contain her tears, petulantly walked away from his assurances and responsibilities.

    Then consider.
    Why did Cameron do so little to prepare for a Leave Vote?
    Why, once the result was confirmed, did he leave No.10 like a child having a tantrum throws its toys out of the pram?

    One could almost be forgiven for believing that Cameron had “taken measures” to make sure that a Remain result would be achieved and was so upset to find that whatever “measures” he had taken were so inadequate that he was unable to continue.

    If one could be forgiven for having that consideration, one might also be forgiven for wondering what the true vote to leave actually was.


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