Love Thy Neighbour

This article was first published on Going Postal shortly after the EU Referendum of 23rd June 2016.

Love thy Neighbour

There are good lessons of life which are taught and learned by followers of religions – by those who believe in God.  I am close to being an atheist – I continue to seek answers to the questions of whether a god exists – but have yet to be presented with convincing evidence. But that matters not, for many religious writings contain helpful and loving messages.

Mark 12:31  “…Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment that is greater than these…”

Neighbourliness is the bedrock of civil society. To respect the rights of one’s neighbour, to share their burdens, to consider their needs, to feed their cat when they are away, to check on their welfare when they fall ill, to stand by their side when thieves assault, bully or threaten them. Neighbourliness is a foundation that builds upon the family as a means to create a safe, tolerant and peaceable society.

The recent Referendum on the EU has brought many strains on neighbourliness. Why?

  • Divide and Rule politics.

To create a powerbase, political parties have determined, over time, that the people need to be set against one another.  Working class against middle class, old against young, rich against poor, men against women, white against none white. By creating false divisions, by maintaining injustices, the people can be distracted from their real enemies – the Establishment of politicians and corporatists who enslave us all: The working class and the middle class, old and young, rich and poor, men and women, white and none white. By maintaining a tenuous balance, the powers that be rotate. Red for a while, blue for a while. A bit of Labour, then a bit of Conservative.  Divided, ruled.

And so it is that the politics of division maintains a tension between neighbours.

The latest division, of course, has been remain verses leave. The reflex actions of professional Politicians during the Referendum has revealed to those with a discerning eye, in clear and stark terms, who amongst our political classes are men and women of honour.

“…Prudence, fortitude, temperance and justice…”  Four cardinal virtues.

The people have spoken in this referendum. The outcome is not what the corporatists and anti-democrats wanted. Monnet professors whose indoctrination of students over decades, ultimately failed. The BBC, Guardian, ITV, SKY with their televisual propaganda, ultimately failed. The Labour Party machinery, well-oiled in the politics of division, ultimately failed. Project Fear failed. The people have spoken and they have chosen self-determination rather than slavery.

  • The old have ruined our future!

The wounds inflicted on neighbourliness need to be healed.   How is it that many of the vocal young have developed contempt for the old? This division that has opened up in UK politics of late (as usual by the design of the Labour Party), is the most incoherent of all. I would ask such a young person who voted to Remain and who vocally criticises ‘the old’ for their actions these questions:

  • Do you know more now than you did 5 years ago?
  • Will you know more in 5 years than you do now?
  • Do you accrue wisdom over time or shed it?
  • Do you care about your family?
  • Do you care about your neighbour?
  • Does your grandfather love you?
  • Does your grandmother love you?
  • Do your father and mother love you?
  • Do you know the name of the person(s) who lives three doors up/down your street?

There are many more questions that could be asked, but sometimes one’s offspring – the young – need to be reminded of a few home truths.

The reason why older people voted to Leave the EU, is that they see it for what it is, not for what it purports to be. They voted, not for what is in their selfish interest, but for what is in the interests of their children and grandchildren. They voted for freedom. They voted for democratic accountability. They voted against Totalitarianism. They voted for neighbourliness.

In the aftermath of the referendum, we must seek to heal these divisions through calm explanation. The BBC, almost from the moment the referendum result was called, sought to immediately set society apart. We must reject this narrative and embrace neighbourliness. We must rise above the petty bickering and politics of division and seek to unite. The referendum is over, but the majority of the people are still unaware of the real nature of the EU and of the real value of democracy and accountability. We must continue the conversation that was polluted by the referendum campaign and explain to our young that what has been given to them by the democratic expression of the will of the people, is a return to democratic accountability and the opportunity to create a neighbourly society which can evolve through the will of the people, rather than a society that is engineered by the Establishment to serve their materialistic and ideological ends.

Young people, your elders chose freedom. As you age, you will come to thank them for it.

We must love our neighbour.

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