Remember, Remember the 8th of November, 2016?

Guest Post by James Dalton

I do. I remember it well.  It was the culmination of a propaganda war over a year in the making. On one side Hillary Clinton and the Democrats on the other side Donald Trump and the reluctant Republicans. It was a David verses Goliath encounter. Goliath came in the form of Hillary Clinton backed by Washington, Wall Street, academia, Hollywood, the mainstream media, foreign governments, foreign money, the DNC machine and arguably large sections of the Republican Party top brass. David was played by the billionaire tycoon come TV personality Donald J Trump, backed by a disparate myriad of supporters and large swathes of a disgruntled Middle America and non-metropolitan America.

As in all David and Goliath encounters, the odds were stacked against ‘the Donald’ and his little sling of Breitbart. Hillary was well armed. Her financial arsenal was stocked by Wall Street, Saudi princes, the Clinton Foundation and the DNC. Her press division fired continual salvos of lies, smears and innuendo. Her street operations caused violence, racial division, angry interruption and social discord.

As in all David and Goliath encounters, David won. ‘The Donald’ won. Bigly.

My son also won. He’s not too daft. Whilst I may have predicted victory for Donald Trump from a few months out, my son was monitoring the odds offered on the outcome by the British bookmakers. He managed to get 10-1 and put down more than a young man should really risk. But he had been paying attention. I summarised my thoughts on Donald J Trump, now President Donald J Trump in an article published on the morning of the election. I explained why I liked both he and the British journalist and wordsmith Rod Liddle who was also reading the political runes as I was, unlike the professional pundits and pollster who misread the election badly, their second bad performance of the year following their misjudgement of the British people in their view of the European Union.  Yes, I warm to Rod Liddle, though I was critical of him in much of my article from one year ago:

“Rod Liddle succeeds where most mainstream journalists and political commentators fail. He succeeds in making me laugh. Out loud. His wit, his observations and his intellectual honesty are engagingly wrapped in the most elegant wordsmithery. He also succeeds in giving air to issues avoided by the media: islamisation, political correctness, Labour hypocrisy and the Englishman’s belligerence and freedom of spirit.

 In his latest article for the Spectator Rod explains to the hard of thinking why Donald J Trump would be a preferable candidate to Hillary Clinton. He also has a dig at Hillary Clinton, political analysts and at the Guardian and the BBC (red meat to Rod’s fans)…”

Rod had missed a big part of the picture. There was a lot of real love for Trump among the American public:

“….And the shock for Rod (he hasn’t watched Trump speak to the people) would be how much he is loved. By white Americans. By black Americans. Hispanic Americans, gay Americans, Red and Blue Americans, men and women or as right thinking Americans would call all these sub divisions of Americans created by the Liberal Regressives that Rod so despises: Americans.

 Yes Rod, that’s the truth. They love him, are enthused by him and are motivated. That is why Trump will win. #LGBT Lets Get Behind Trump, as the ‘Gays for Trump’ say. If you look at what is happening in the States, look beyond the Media corporates, you could see it….”

At the close of polling which had taken the political anoraks in the UK well into the 9th of November 2016, Hillary Clinton according to the TV experts was 98% favourite to win the Presidential race. According to reality, the reality that dawned on the world a few hours later, she had a 0% chance. Donald J Trump won and won bigly. My son bagged a grand.

One year on from that day, there has hardly passed a day when the British public have not been exposed to negative, insulting and extreme commentary from the British media. The bias was distasteful before Trump’s election and it has got worse since – he has been painted by the media as dangerous, unintelligent, unstable, unsuitable, racist, sexist, fascist, white supremacist, evil, – literally Hitler. President Donald J Trump was inaugurated on the 20th January 2017 despite further attempts to prevent him becoming President.  No gulags have been formed; the ‘press’ are not locked up for insulting him or misrepresenting him;  his opponents are not prevented from indulging in their constitutional rights to free speech and protest. He has so far acted in accordance with the oath he took to “….. faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

It is with a mixture of disbelief, anger and disgust that I continue to observe how the professional pundits and political opponents of President Trump continue to misrepresent, misjudge and underestimate him.  That said, I must also confess that I am quite enjoying watching him from this side of the pond as he goes about making good his promise to Drain the Swamp and put in place his plan to Make America Great Again. It is the enjoyment of watching the first ‘Big League’ anti-establishment, anti-globalist leader that the West has seen for a long, long time – a modern day David re-loading his sling and winning, winning and winning again.

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